Combining Ancient Wisdom With Current Science

HYPMIND is a simple, effective way to release stress so you can enjoy life and reconnect with the people you love. 

HYPMIND integrates techniques from the ancient traditions of meditation and hypnosis with the latest breakthroughs in psychology and neuroscience.

This powerful combination allows you to create emotional and physical well-being along with healthy relationships.

Common Questions About HYPMIND

How do I use HYPMIND?

Some clients prefer to begin each therapy session with a HYPMIND meditation. Some people prefer to listen to HYPMIND recordings between sessions. Others do both. I provide an access code to all my current clients so you can stream them from my website for free. You can also purchase mp3 downloads and cds on iTunes, Amazon music, and most on-line music stores. 

Will HYPMIND be effective for me?

You can choose to do AYNI HYPMIND which involves 7 deep, guided meditations that create wholistic health. AYNI HYPMIND is an effective option for stress management, decreased anxiety, depression, increased health and well-being. If you prefer a single HYPMIND session rather than the series, you can choose one of the specialized sessions. Please contact me if you have an issue that is not addressed and we can discuss creating a custom session. 

Hypmind Sessions

* AYNI HYPMIND: 7 Deep, Guided Meditations for Health & Stress Management

* DELTA: A Deep, Guided Meditation for Restorative Sleep

* EXCEL: A Deep, Guided Meditation for Academic Success

* HEAL UP: A Deep, Guided Meditation To Support Your Internal Healing Ability

* ENDORPHIN: A Deep, Guided Meditation for Pain Management

I am interested in experiencing HYPMIND. What can I expect?

When you contact me, we will schedule a one hour diagnostic interview.  Before your first appointment, please register on-line as a new client and complete the Biographical Information Form. You will need to review and complete the Service Agreement Summary before our first session.

During our first appointment, we will discuss the forms and I will answer any questions you may have. You will then give me some information about yourself and the specific issue you would like to address and we will agree to a plan based on your needs.

If you would like to begin AYNI HYPMIND, we can end the session with the first meditation (NOW).  We will schedule weekly sessions which begin with AYNI HYPMIND meditations, then continue with a traditional psychotherapy sessions. If you would prefer a single HYPMIND session, I will prepare it for our second meeting. 

During the session, you will sit in a comfortable chair listening to music as I guide you through a deep mediation. You simply need to close your eyes, relax, and enjoy.  You will be in complete control at all times. People report finding this experience very relaxing and often claim they feel like they have had a refreshing nap. 

After the session, you will have access to all  Ayni Hypmind meditations on my website. You can listen to them as often as you would like.  You will have the best results if you listen to the recording daily. Many people find they have the most effective experience if they listen to it before falling asleep each night. 

*Be sure you never listen to your HYPMIND recording while driving a vehicle! 

What is Mindfulness Meditation?  

Mindfulness Meditation is a practice of focusing your mind on the present moment. You become aware of your thoughts, feelings, and sensations in your body. With a curious, open, accepting attitude, you notice your present-moment experiences and gently return your attention back to your breath. 

What are the benefits of Mindfulness Meditation?  

There have been hundreds of research studies showing positive benefits of meditation. Among other things, research suggests that meditation:

  • Improves mood

  • Increases immune functioning

  • Decreases stress

  • Increases internal & interpersonal well-being

  • Increases empathy & compassion

  • Increases brain integration leading to greater cognitive flexibility

  • Increases effectiveness & achievement in work and school performance

  • Decreases anxiety & depression

What is hypnotherapy?  

American Psychological Association (APA)’s Division of Psychological Hypnosis describes hypnosis/hypnotherapy as a procedure during which a health professional, while  treating someone, suggests that he or she experience changes in sensations, perceptions, thoughts, or behavior. Although some hypnosis is used to make people more alert, most hypnosis includes suggestions for relaxation, calmness, and well-being. Instructions to imagine or think about pleasant experiences are also commonly included during hypnosis. People respond to hypnosis in different ways. Some describe hypnosis as a state of focused attention, in which they feel very calm and relaxed. Most people describe the experience as pleasant.

Is hypnotherapy safe?  

Yes.  Hypnosis is a natural state of being, similar to when you are just falling asleep or waking up. Brain scans of those under hypnosis show normal brainwave functioning.  It is a condition of focused relaxation. You are always conscious and  in control of your own behavior.  Under hypnosis, if you do not like a hypnotic suggestion that has been presented to you, the built-in protectors of your mind will automatically kick in, allowing you to reject the suggestion, or to even emerge/awaken from the hypnotic state on your own. I will never ask you to reveal any personal information outside the context of our pre-established therapeutic goals, or to do anything humiliating. 

Is hypnotherapy effective?  

Yes. Based on research outcomes, many organizations, including the American Medical Association (AMA) and The American Psychological Association (APA), recognize hypnosis as a clinically proven adjunct treatment for many medical and psychological conditions such as pain management, anxiety, stress management, PTSD treatment, sexual dysfunctions, and marital discord.  Along with the physiological benefits related to relaxation, hypnosis can allow you to increase valuable skills such as pain and symptom management.  Through hypnotherapy, you can learn ways to cope with psychological difficulties, gain skills to improve communication strategies, increase school and work performance, and enhance your relationships.  

What is brain entrainment music?  

The background music I use during HYPMIND sessions is composed and produced by Dr. Christopher Lloyd Clarke, B.Sc, Msc.D. He uses specialized audio technology with embedded binural beats. For a detailed explanation of binural beats, you can check out this Wikpedia arcticle .  These sounds create changes in brainwave activity that induce deep states of meditation and relaxation.  Using brainwave entrainment music allows you to easily access states of deep relaxation than might normally require years of meditation practice.  

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