The Executive Coaching Package begins with a comprehensive leadership assessment utilizing the Hogan Assessment Suite. After completing the assessment feedback, we develop a customized plan to address your career goals. Typically the process goes as follows:

1. Initial 1-hr meeting (in person preferred) - to get to know each other and agree on goals

2.  You complete 3 Hogan Inventories online and develop the 1st draft of your Leadership Vision

3. I review your Hogan results and create a customized feedback report. I am also willing to talk with key people in your organization (direct reports, supervisor, etc.) to collect 360 feedback. 

4. 2 - hour meeting (in-person or via phone) to review your results and agree on a development plan

5.  You revise your Leadership Vision and development goals based on the assessment results

5. We schedule follow-up coaching sessions to address the development plan