Welcome to the Ayni Hypmind series. 

(pronounced eye-nee, hip-mind)

Ayni is an ancient concept practiced by many indigenous people that teaches reciprocity.  Ayni refers to the equal exchange of energy between humans, nature, and the universe which are mutually connected and interrelated.  When we experience our inner power and remember our interconnections with each other and the world, we can create the greatest common good for all.

In psychology, we know that people have the best outcomes when we address the whole person; their relationships, emotional experience, physical health, thought processes, and spiritual beliefs. I developed Ayni Hypmind to integrate solid research and science with ancient healing practices to create a healing approach that is simple to practice.  These deep, guided meditations inspire healing that is accessible to anyone who chooses to engage in the practice.  

Each meditation lasts between 20-25 minutes and can be used at the beginning of your therapy appointment or at home. You can find digital downloads or CD's on iTunes, Amazon music and all major music sources. I encourage you to find a time each day to listen to them to develop a daily meditation practice. You will have the most effective experience if you listen to all 7 meditations in order. 

ANYI HYPMIND #1: NOW - A deep, guided meditation for perspective and presence.

Now is the first of seven Ayni Hypmind meditations.  It sets the foundation for the following meditations and includes:

* Mindfulness Meditation
* Progressive Muscle Relaxation
* Guided Imagery for Perspective
* Suggestions for Daily Presence

AYNI HYPMIND #2: LIGHT - A deep, guided meditation for relational health.

Light  begins with a mindfulness meditation. You then take an adventure through an ancient aspen grove named Pando. The suggestions for relational health inspire you to create deep, interpersonal connections with kindness and compassion. This allows you to maintain attitudes of open curiosity and empathy in your relationships and negotiate difficult relationships feeling centered and grounded. It also allows you to develop skills for setting healthy boundaries and clearly speaking your truth with integrity and kindness.

AYNI HYPMIND #3: FLOW - A deep, guided meditation for emotional health.

Flow  begins with a mindfulness meditation then guides you to the fabled land of Shangri-la. Imagery includes sitting in a tunnel to paradise behind a waterfall and observing a high, mountain lake. The suggestions for emotional health allow you to experience and express all emotions with courage and clarity. There is a focus on creating feelings of deep gratitude and sleeping peacefully at night.

AYNI HYPMIND #4: VIBRANT - A deep, guided meditation for physical health.

Vibrant  begins with a mindfulness meditation then allows you to explore the remote island of Ikaria. You immerse yourself in a healing thermal pool that promotes comfort and vibrant physical health. The suggestions inspire you to make healthy choices in your diet and exercise and promote your internal ability to self-heal.  Vibrant also supports your ability to manage physical discomfort and accept the painful experiences in your life as opportunities to develop wisdom and compassion.

AYNI HYPMIND #5: ZERO FLOAT - A deep, guided meditation for mental health.

Zero Float  begins with a mindfulness meditation. You then experience focus and stillness in the depths of the ocean followed by a clear, lightness as you allow your mind to be open like the sky. This meditation guides you through effective strategies for managing your thoughts. It promotes your ability to allow thoughts to pass,  direct your attention where you choose, and maintain a calm, steady mind in all situations. Zero Float inspires you to create wisdom, clarity, and strength so that you can speak and act in ways that empower you. 

AYNI HYPMIND #6: HARMONY - A deep, guided meditation for spiritual health.

Harmony begins with a mindfulness meditation. You then experience the changing seasons on a sacred mountain. This meditation integrates the concepts from previous meditations and allows you to connect with your highest vision of yourself. It supports spiritual health to leave you feeling grounded, centered, and peaceful. 

AYNI HYPMIND #7: ASCEND - A deep, guided meditation for daily practice.

Ascend is the final meditation in the Ayni Hypmind series. It includes a mindfulness meditation followed by a guided breathing exercise to allow you to find stillness in your body and mind. There are several minutes of soothing music with no words. The meditation ends with bells. This meditation is designed to support you as you transition from guided meditations to a daily meditation practice. I encourage you to gradually add silent meditative practice to the end of your guided meditations until you find deep peace in silent contemplation. 

Ayni Hypmind and Spirituality

Mindfulness meditation has proven to be an incredibly effective approach to manage stress-related problems that affect physical and mental health. 

While it is a practical intervention, it comes from Buddhism. I work with clients with a wide range of spiritual beliefs including Christian, Jewish, Athiest, Agnostic, Buddhist, Muslim and Earth-based beliefs. I have found that meditation practices resonate with people regardless of their particular spiritual orientation. 

As I developed imagery for the Ayni series, I researched a wide range of spiritual practices to incorporate imagery that would resonate with people regardless of their particular beliefs.

When I think of spirituality from this broad perspective, I think of connection. For most people this includes connection with their highest self. Many people experience connection in their relationships, in nature, and in times of quiet contemplation such as mediation and prayer. 

Ayni Hypmind creates space for quiet contemplation that includes imagery that has been used cross-culturally for thousands of years. It incorporates the four seasons, the four elements, earth and sky-based images.  

It is an approach that creates space for people to connect with spirituality while honoring their personal belief systems.